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Let the man play!

The NCAA football system is completely falling apart. First the Reggie Bush scandal basically blew up in their faces. Then they let five players from OSU play in a bowl game knowing they were ineligible. Then Cam Newton and the Auburn Tigers, were somewhat in limbo, and Oregon is now in turmoil. Today reports say that 74 players from the University of Miami have been given benefits!

But the reason this article is being written is because the mis care of the NCAA is now seeming to cloud the judgment of the NFL. Many have already question the logistics of the Commish Goddell, but why would something that happened in college effect a players status in the supplemental draft?

Pryor has met all the requirements to enter the draft, three years of schooling, and he is deemed ineligible to go back to Ohio State. So why is the commish stalling! Because of the lockout any body who wants to get in the league should be able to.

For once I just wish people would stop having a power trip and let the man play. Football is becoming a shell of what the game once was! You don’t always have to make an example of someone to make your mark as commish!

In closing I’ll just say can we please just get back to the times when we loved the game and played with integrity! Let the man play!!! Let the man play!!!