Sports Talk from the Quiet Storm

Another Long Year

The 2011 MLB season is coming close, the winter meetings have been one to  remember. Free agents signing big deals, the rich getting richer, a quite team starts to get louder, and another former Cleveland Indian is up for a big pay with a team not the Indians.

Lets get on the Cleveland Indians first, for another year the Tribe has not made a big move to give the fans of Cleveland something to hold on to. The Indians signed 2 big names a few years back to nice contracts in Sizemore and Hafner, but since both singed their deals, they havent produced anywhere close to those numbers. And with an owner who doesnt want to open his pocket or maybe he doesnt have the pocket book to really own the team. We as fans dont really understand how we went from being an out away from the world series in 2007, to trading away back to back Cy Young winners and becoming the MLB’s worst team. So for this we say it will be another long year.

The rich continue to get richer, during the winter meetings the Boston Red Sox nabbed all star 1st basemen Andrian Gonzalez and stunning superstar left fielder Carl Crawford. With these two moves, many sportswriters believe the Red Sox, are the team to beat. 

The Kansas City Royals are tired of being the team that competes with the Indians for the worst spot on in AL central. With the potential of Superstar pitcher Grienke on the fence about coming back, the Royals made moves to sway his judgement. The royals signed Jeff Francouer and Melkey Cabrera to deals to bolster this lineup.

The mystery man, continues to leave the MLB in the closet about his decision. Cliff Lee has been offered by numerous teams alot of money to pitch in their ball park, with the Yankees being the team to beat. Lee has not made any hint to where he may pitch next season, but we do know this, he will be alot richer where ever he throws his first pitch in 2011.

This is Kile Marquis and if the winter meetings are any indication on how the season will come out it will be yet another long year here in Cleveland Ohio. Until next time,

Remember the things we dream of accomplishing are the things that can be accomplished!


The Maturation Process

The Maturation Process for the #tarbloodernation takes it first step towards success. Today, November 6th, 2010 at 7:00pm, the Glenville Tarblooders host Hillard Davis at Bedford stadium.

Most fans remember the heartbreaking loss suffered last year in the state championship game. What the tarblooders must understand is that you take the feeling of disappointment and hurt from that game and nothing else. They can not harbor on the fact that they were able to get there, but understand why they lost and focus on each game as the last. Every year Glenville has the talent, but do they have the heart.

Having the heart and ability to overcome any obstacle that has and will be presented to them is key! Little things could derail the momentum like being named the second seed in the playoffs instead of the first, or hearing the rumbling from the critics saying that their schedule is to weak. These are little tests that make the men of Glenville stronger.

I have been on the bandwagon being a tarblooder graduate, but getting to know these teammates on a different level has been a pleasure. Understanding the passion that comes from each person is amazing and a feeling that I’ll always cherish!

This ride will be one for the ages. Hop aboard and keep your arms inside the vehicle at all times, and your hearts and minds set on helping this maturation process evolve!

I thank you for your time and patience! Always remember….


Kile Marquis

Disguising 4.3 Speed

For high school senior Shane Wynn, October 22nd, 2010 was a special day. A Friday, so it must be game day right? Yes, but this wasnt just any regular game. For Wynn, along with a handful of other seniors, was the last Homecoming as high school athletes. Shane and the other seniors of Glenville High School celebrated another victory running over John Hay High School 40-0.

Unlike many high school players and teams, there was not a victory dance, or victory speech. No excitement coming from anywhere except the stands. This football team is poised to make another long run into the Ohio State Playoffs, that kickoff in 2 weeks. The focus of the team is a State Title and nothing else will do.

Shane Wynn is a very unique athlete, WR and return man on the football field, point and shooting guard on the basketball team, and a 4.3 forty yard dasher on the track. But Wynn is also an exceptional student and leader. When I first met Shane Wynn, he was a young man poised to seize every opportunity of success. Like other Juniors he had his fun, but when it came down to business, thats what he was all about. I gained a level of respect for Wynn within the first few seconds. He spoke with such an integrity, letting you know that he was not just another run of the muck athlete; but that he was someone using his athletic ability to better himself and those around him.

As the season continues to roll along, questions will soon begin to rise. Just how far can this young man go? What will be his next step in the growth of knowledge athletically and intellectually and the college level. Will he be the next Percy Harvin? Or will he continue to write his own path, and create his own destiny.

Shane Wynn is a special person, not just athletically, but personally. He is a good friend, and a character person that needs to be in your life. If you havent had the opportunity to sit down with Shane Wynn, you are missing out on a treat.

The Glenville Tarblooders, are led by a bunch of teammates and not individuals. Shane Wynn is one of those teammates. The playoffs start soon, jump on the Tarblooder Nation band wagon, and enjoy the ride.


Cracking The King’s Armor

The summer of LeBron proved to be a tragic one for most NBA fans, columnists, and organizations around the nation. One can argue that Cleveland was effected the most without a doubt, but we have to sit back, analyze the situation and ask ourselves… was LeBron at all effected by his decision? I personally doubt that enough people take the time out to realize the human nature that these global icons as players have. We tend to worship them and put them on a  higher platform making them almost inhuman.

Within the last few months or so “The Kings” ride hasn’t been as smooth as he would have liked it. He has said that he has no regrets in life, but I can almost guarantee that he wishes some instances were done a little different. Lebron James has received some of the most hateful and inappropriate tweets in the past few weeks and months, and you can see that its starting to humanize this once larger than life global icon. Here are some of the tweets retweeted by the king…”In one message a person wrote that James is “a big nosed big lipped bug eyed (racial slur). Ur greedy, u try to hide ur ghettoness.” ( the last two quotes were taking from Brian Windhorst of

Tweets like this is what makes you sit back and wonder what this great nation has actually come to. When did we start treating athletes like they have no heart or no true feelings? When were we deemed the “Judge and Executioner”? We must first take a look at ourselves to examine the problem within as individuals before lashing out at others.

A King’s armor is supposed to be one of the strongest materials made in all the lands. These past few months have slowly began to put a crack in LeBron James’ armor and the effects have started to show. I for one,  am asking to be spared when his rath is unleashed on the NBA this up and coming season. The King has a new court and something else to prove. When a player of his caliber is driven by hate and disgust for those who have belittled him, it tends to take their level of play to heights never before imagined. With this motivation no one and no thing is safe including the illustrious 72-10 record posted by the beloved/dreaded BULLS!

The King’s Armor has been cracked, now the retaliation will begin!

Hard Hits

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, last Sunday was a day to remember. Not for just the wonderful football that was played, but because of the hits and concussions that occurred. Now I am a Browns fan, so to watch James Harrison, LB for the Pittsburgh Steelers, take out two of our primary weapons hurt. Dontae Robinson of the Atlanta Falcons laid out DeSean Jackson, and London Fletcher knocked Colts RB Joseph Adai out of the game as well. Where all of these hits dirty? Depending on which angle you may look at, or what team you may be rooting for at the time, your accusation may different.

As a fan I enjoy to see these hits every week, because this is how we have been programmed for years and years. ESPN, Sportscenter, and local news highlight the big hits. Our players have been taught and bred to become a highlight players, a big hitter, a go getter. Players are drafted and recruited for this ability. So the questions continues to present itself…

How do we stop all of this from happening? Isnt the game a violent game in the first place? 

Lets answer the first question how do we stop this from happening? Its easy verbally but the actions must take place. Stop teaching the athletes this side of the game, start penalizing individuals more harshly for their actions. If you we teach our athletes this, their actions wont be as vicious.

Question 2, isn’t the game violent anyway? Yes the game of football is violent, but it is supposed to be a game of controlled violence.

This is Kile Marquis and these are just my thoughts!

Wade-ing His Time!

LeBron James made a decision this summer to leave Cleveland, Ohio for South Beach. There was much hoopla over the fact that he will no longer be “THE MAN” or the one to take over a game and or a team.  Honestly  I thought the exact same thing, but seeing Dwanye Wade get injured 3 minutes into the 1st preseason game changed my entire gameplan.  LeBron James doesnt have that same playful, happy go lucky attitude that he normally does. He has a scowl, a determined look. The look of champions like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Once Wade got hurt it instantly became LeBron’s team all over again. How can you deny this young man, he is still the best player in the game. Kobe Bryant may have the better supporting cast but James is still the best.  I predict sometime in the near future if Wade continues to get hurt, he will either be traded away or released. Culminating the distinction between franchise players, and players who help carry a franchise.  LeBron James is just Wade-ing his time, and his time is coming soon!

Riding The Colt?

After another dismal loss, the Cleveland Browns now face the rest of the NFL Schedule with a record of 1-4. Now I completely understand everyones frustration, how can we put up with this product every single year? But to be honest the Cleveland Browns are a much improved team. The team has lost all 4 games late in the 4th quarter. Leads are not being stabilized. But the effort is shown for about 50 good minutes. The QB carousel here in Cleveland is something to worry about though. When Jake Delhomme got hurt the team seemed energized under mobile quarterback Seneca Wallace. Wallace has the lead team to 4th quarter leads in every game he has played in. Unfortunately the QB was injured at the end of the 1st half with a high ankle sprain. Yes the same injury as Jake. So what do we do now you ask? We ride the Colt. Colt McCoy will make his NFL debut this sunday against non other than the Pittsburgh Steelers. This may be one of the worst scenarios to throw McCoy into, but to be a franchise QB you must take over the franchise in its time of need. And that time is now. The problem I see with this, besides the Steelers defense being one of the most punishing, is that Eric Mangini and Brian Dabol may not unleash colt. With the season all but lost, I feel Colt should be able to get in there and lead the team the way he knows how, by passing. Let the young man prove himself worthy of the new chosen one.  Yes we don’t want him to get hurt, but we also don’t want another mediocre showing from the team we love. The Browns have been back since 1999 and have made it to the playoffs twice. The years of Derek Anderson, we will call it, didn’t even get us to the playoffs. Let people play that are played to be out there. Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco went right into it, and I must say, they have turned out to be pretty damn good. You also have instances like Matt Stafford who is now hurt, and Alex Smith whom we still have no real reading on, but they were also given the chance to prove themselves. Let the reigns of the offense go into the hands of McCoy Magini. Whats the worse that could happen? We lose another game, hell we are all already prepared for that. Browns fans lets back McCoy and let’s get ready to ride THIS COLT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!