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Let the man play!

The NCAA football system is completely falling apart. First the Reggie Bush scandal basically blew up in their faces. Then they let five players from OSU play in a bowl game knowing they were ineligible. Then Cam Newton and the Auburn Tigers, were somewhat in limbo, and Oregon is now in turmoil. Today reports say that 74 players from the University of Miami have been given benefits!

But the reason this article is being written is because the mis care of the NCAA is now seeming to cloud the judgment of the NFL. Many have already question the logistics of the Commish Goddell, but why would something that happened in college effect a players status in the supplemental draft?

Pryor has met all the requirements to enter the draft, three years of schooling, and he is deemed ineligible to go back to Ohio State. So why is the commish stalling! Because of the lockout any body who wants to get in the league should be able to.

For once I just wish people would stop having a power trip and let the man play. Football is becoming a shell of what the game once was! You don’t always have to make an example of someone to make your mark as commish!

In closing I’ll just say can we please just get back to the times when we loved the game and played with integrity! Let the man play!!! Let the man play!!!


Cannon ball

As a kid at the pool you want to make a huge splash. The bigger the splash the bigger rave reviews you seem to get. If this is truly the case then the fans here in Cleveland, Ohio want to make a cannon ball type splash. With the cap set at 120 million dollars the #browns are in a position to make waves. With needs at the wide out position, defensive line, and defensive back postion, the browns should be truly active. Certain names have been thrown out like Sidney Rice, Mike Sims-Walker, Donte Whitner, Ray Edwards, and Charles Johnson you would think we would get someone like this correct?

The optimistic hopeful known as the cleveland brown faithful hope and pray are optimism isn’t overlooked or downplayed. They are tired of always waiting for next year. Questions are asked like why can this year be our year? Or if the Indians can do it then why can’t we?

Have the cleveland faithful been cooped again with over 30 million in cap room, or is a quiet front a good thing because it keeps you guessing!

As a writer and sports fan myself, I say everyone get ready for the cannon ball! The Cleveland Browns are ready to make a step in the right direction! But only time will tell.



I Bleed Scarlet & Gray…

The picture above says a thousand words. It first says that I’m loyal, it says that I’m True, and it most definitely says that I hate Michigan’s Maize & Blue. This statement has taken on a whole new meaning lately. With recent turmoil hitting Buckeye Nation, the Buckeye faithful have shown much support for former Ohio State coach Tressel, and the Ohio State football team. The person who doesn’t seem to be receiving any support is former OSU quarterback Terrel Pryor. Some say he is the scapegoat in this situation along with Tressel, but I say different.

What Pryor and Tressel did was wrong in many eyes but honestly not mine. No matter what you may think these are still young men who have to continue to survive out here in this world. Yes, scholarships are giving with full ride intents to those who may be gifted athletically, but what about those who do not possess those same gifts. What about the person that is just there because he loves the game of football and its his dream to play for said college. What do you tell your student that was gifted enough to get to school, but his parents are at home barely making it. Student athletes aren’t allowed to have jobs because of  the risk of injuring themselves, or disturbing the timeline set by coaches and staff.

Why hasnt the NCAA adapted to the new way of life? Or adapted to how things have always been. Colleges and Universities make millions every year from revenue sales, including tickets, merchandising, and if lucky BCS Bowl Games. College football players can’t even have their names in the very popular video game NCAA Football by EA Sports. Where does all of this money go. Well that answer is one that is unknown to the general public like you and me . The students can’t be awarded say $5000 for all the hard work they put in bringing this extra cash flow to the universities. I don’t see the crime in that at all. I do see a crime in saying that we are paying for your tuition, when they are paying your salary.

The NCAA has to  finally come to terms that things are now different, and certain aspects that have always been in place needs to change. First Reggie Bush was stripped of his Heisman trophy, no matter what happened off the field, at the end of the day he was the best player in college football on the field. The USC Trojans have been stripped of the National Title win, when clearly they dominated that game. How are penalties that seem so irrelevant in this day and age costing players and students, who has worked their hearts out, a dream that only few realize. I personally say that with these penalties that have been given out are causing more damage to the luster of the game rather than fixing the problem.

Now that Ohio State has been quote unquote caught, will things change? No not all! What will happen next is people will get smarter and find others ways to work the system. Until the system is changed for the better, the system will continue to be tampered with until someone else is caught.

In closing I will say this…no matter what allegations or penalties are reported and handed down, Buckeye Nation will forever Bleed Scarlet & Gray!.

Go Buckeyes!!!

K. Marquis

Long Live The King

The decision was almost a year ago, and still the loyal subjects, wether it be the media, those who hate him in Cleveland Ohio, or those fans that maybe scattered across the USA can now say that Lebron will not get his ring this year. But the question that I have to know the answer to is why us everyone saying “long live the king?” What has the “the chosen one” done that is so detrimental? I understand the anger and pain from everyone in Cleveland, Ohio but its baffling thinking about everyone else that hates him. What did he do to you? Ok New York may have some beef but the rest of the fans havent given this much hate to anyone else of the so called big three. Bosh got his share of being talked about but, Dwayne Wade recruited both of them. Where is his scrutiny.

Another question, how does the media turn on LeBron so quickly. When they where winning the Miami Heat where the talk of the sports world but now, LeBron James will never be Michael Jordan, but always a Scottie Pippen. Why must we always compare athletes to other athletes yes they have characteristics of those greats, but they are still the their own player they cannot be the next magic or the next Jordan. We have to start understanding that they are people too.

Will the media world and fans always be like scar looking into muffasas eyes whispering to lebron long live the king and throw him away like he is a piece of trash? I for one will not be that way and would welcome Mr. James back to Cleveland anytime he would like to come back people make mistakes in life does that mean we can never forgive them. I hope not! Life is to short for so much hatred towards one person.

In closing I will say this, when Lebron does finally win his first ring please don’t jump on the bandwagon then, what I want you to do is run, run simba and never return.

It’s be fun
K. Marquis

The Difference a Year Makes

Every year in Cleveland, Ohio the buzz about sports teams seems to be high and filled with some sort of reachable expectation. Some years the expectation is not as high and fans may want it to be, but nonetheless its an expectation. The Cleveland Indians have one of the league’s lowest payrolls and all indications point to that fact not changing anytime soon. With that being said, the the expectation should without a doubt be low right, well for some yes, but this Tribe fan, it is just the contrary. The Indians play in maybe the toughest but most achievable division in baseball. For years the Tribe dominated the central division, now every year it seems wide open for everyone except the Kansas City Royals.  But with the additions the royals have made, they must now be included in this conversation, (at least until the season begins).  The Central Division is a five team race, and should continue to be that way for a long time. With all of the teams retooling in some short of way it seems to be a very well anticipated year for baseball. The Tribe will continue its youth movement this year in year two of manager Many Acta’s regime, the team seems to be buying into the system and should adjust quicker to the changes and things asked of them easier.

Every year there is hope here in Cleveland, this year should and will not be any different. The difference of this year and last will be shown on the field starting 4-1-2011 @ 3:05pm at Progessive Field. Its baseball time folks….


Lets Play Ball


Kile M. Walton

Being a rookie

The cleveland browns have drafted many times since they expansion year of 1999, but there hasnt been a drafted class like the one in 2010. The browns drafted qb colt mccoy, safety tj ward and corner joe haden. Since the season began tj ward has been a poised vet in the secondary with ab elam, haden got his shot after eric wright continued to get torched and now leads all rookies with 6 interceptions. Now there is colt mccoy who is nothing short of the real thing. With injuries plaguing they qb position in cleveland mccoy got his shot. He has shown leadership under center and off the field. Last week he showed his rookie status in the game vs. baltimore. 

The record doesnt show but these three guys have impacted they city and its franchise. Another coaching change is on the horizon, but the one thing browns fans around the world hope is that haden island, they really mccoy and warden tj, are here to stay.

As we say in cleveland, ” cant wait until next season!”

Another Long Year

The 2011 MLB season is coming close, the winter meetings have been one to  remember. Free agents signing big deals, the rich getting richer, a quite team starts to get louder, and another former Cleveland Indian is up for a big pay with a team not the Indians.

Lets get on the Cleveland Indians first, for another year the Tribe has not made a big move to give the fans of Cleveland something to hold on to. The Indians signed 2 big names a few years back to nice contracts in Sizemore and Hafner, but since both singed their deals, they havent produced anywhere close to those numbers. And with an owner who doesnt want to open his pocket or maybe he doesnt have the pocket book to really own the team. We as fans dont really understand how we went from being an out away from the world series in 2007, to trading away back to back Cy Young winners and becoming the MLB’s worst team. So for this we say it will be another long year.

The rich continue to get richer, during the winter meetings the Boston Red Sox nabbed all star 1st basemen Andrian Gonzalez and stunning superstar left fielder Carl Crawford. With these two moves, many sportswriters believe the Red Sox, are the team to beat. 

The Kansas City Royals are tired of being the team that competes with the Indians for the worst spot on in AL central. With the potential of Superstar pitcher Grienke on the fence about coming back, the Royals made moves to sway his judgement. The royals signed Jeff Francouer and Melkey Cabrera to deals to bolster this lineup.

The mystery man, continues to leave the MLB in the closet about his decision. Cliff Lee has been offered by numerous teams alot of money to pitch in their ball park, with the Yankees being the team to beat. Lee has not made any hint to where he may pitch next season, but we do know this, he will be alot richer where ever he throws his first pitch in 2011.

This is Kile Marquis and if the winter meetings are any indication on how the season will come out it will be yet another long year here in Cleveland Ohio. Until next time,

Remember the things we dream of accomplishing are the things that can be accomplished!