Sports Talk from the Quiet Storm

Since stepping on the scene in the NBA, LeBron James has been referred to as King. Nothing less and nothing more, but in the NBA finals when the King should pull out his heaviest artillery, he seemed to more of a peasant than a king. So i pose this question to all fans of his and those who still do not care for him…Should the KING tag be taken away?


Asking this question to say Skip Bayless he would say without a doubt, especially since he has been call him Prince James for years. I am almost on his side. Being a Clevelander, I never wanted to be LeBron could be anything less. Even when he took his talents to south beach I was still pulling for the guy, but watching that performance vs the Dallas Mavericks last year it makes you being to wonder just what goes through his head. Did these same instances go through the heads of Jordan, Magic, Bird, Kobe, or even his teammate Wade? Or where they all just winners? But if they were winners does that make LeBron a loser, or does it just make him inconsistent?


These questions are the questions that will continue to haunt LeBron until he is not only holding up the Larry O’Brien Trophy but also holding up the MVP Award for the season and Finals, He must dominate the game of basketball for him to get out of everyone else’s shadow. Even though LeBron stands 6 foot 8 inches tall, he is still in Wade’s shadow. 


LeBron has had two instances that will forever stand out to me that make him the greatest person to ever play that game that I’ve seen since being able to comprehend the full scale of the game of basketball. The first instance that stands out was his performance last year vs the Chicago Bulls in that series LeBron showed glimpses of greatest on the defensive end, putting people where they needed to be it was great watching the Heat players watch in admiration. The second instance that will be forever memorable for all Cleveland fans and fans around the NBA is simply called “Game 5” In this game LeBron had this “Magical Air” about himself. Nothing would stop in his way. The new age BAD BOYS of Detroit paid respect and homage of this performance. That day he was no longer LeBron James to the NBA but King. 


The verdict is still out on “KING James but until he shows the world something different than just an 82 game KING” he will just be known as the “Player formally known as KING!


*Side Note* If the Miami Heat can take care of business this year in the playoffs they only have to play 66 regular season games, and 16 playoff games. Do the math the 82 game KING can be redeemed!!


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