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Cannon ball

As a kid at the pool you want to make a huge splash. The bigger the splash the bigger rave reviews you seem to get. If this is truly the case then the fans here in Cleveland, Ohio want to make a cannon ball type splash. With the cap set at 120 million dollars the #browns are in a position to make waves. With needs at the wide out position, defensive line, and defensive back postion, the browns should be truly active. Certain names have been thrown out like Sidney Rice, Mike Sims-Walker, Donte Whitner, Ray Edwards, and Charles Johnson you would think we would get someone like this correct?

The optimistic hopeful known as the cleveland brown faithful hope and pray are optimism isn’t overlooked or downplayed. They are tired of always waiting for next year. Questions are asked like why can this year be our year? Or if the Indians can do it then why can’t we?

Have the cleveland faithful been cooped again with over 30 million in cap room, or is a quiet front a good thing because it keeps you guessing!

As a writer and sports fan myself, I say everyone get ready for the cannon ball! The Cleveland Browns are ready to make a step in the right direction! But only time will tell.