Sports Talk from the Quiet Storm

Every year in Cleveland, Ohio the buzz about sports teams seems to be high and filled with some sort of reachable expectation. Some years the expectation is not as high and fans may want it to be, but nonetheless its an expectation. The Cleveland Indians have one of the league’s lowest payrolls and all indications point to that fact not changing anytime soon. With that being said, the the expectation should without a doubt be low right, well for some yes, but this Tribe fan, it is just the contrary. The Indians play in maybe the toughest but most achievable division in baseball. For years the Tribe dominated the central division, now every year it seems wide open for everyone except the Kansas City Royals.  But with the additions the royals have made, they must now be included in this conversation, (at least until the season begins).  The Central Division is a five team race, and should continue to be that way for a long time. With all of the teams retooling in some short of way it seems to be a very well anticipated year for baseball. The Tribe will continue its youth movement this year in year two of manager Many Acta’s regime, the team seems to be buying into the system and should adjust quicker to the changes and things asked of them easier.

Every year there is hope here in Cleveland, this year should and will not be any different. The difference of this year and last will be shown on the field starting 4-1-2011 @ 3:05pm at Progessive Field. Its baseball time folks….


Lets Play Ball


Kile M. Walton


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