Sports Talk from the Quiet Storm

Being a rookie

The cleveland browns have drafted many times since they expansion year of 1999, but there hasnt been a drafted class like the one in 2010. The browns drafted qb colt mccoy, safety tj ward and corner joe haden. Since the season began tj ward has been a poised vet in the secondary with ab elam, haden got his shot after eric wright continued to get torched and now leads all rookies with 6 interceptions. Now there is colt mccoy who is nothing short of the real thing. With injuries plaguing they qb position in cleveland mccoy got his shot. He has shown leadership under center and off the field. Last week he showed his rookie status in the game vs. baltimore. 

The record doesnt show but these three guys have impacted they city and its franchise. Another coaching change is on the horizon, but the one thing browns fans around the world hope is that haden island, they really mccoy and warden tj, are here to stay.

As we say in cleveland, ” cant wait until next season!”


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