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Where’s the love

In the NBA this offseason it seemed to be a change of how things are valued. From a business sense it makes so much sense to make the league a multi power in a sense of ultimate teams and things of that nature, but as a fan is very disappointing and discouraging!

The love of the game seems not to be the most important thing anymore! It’s all about the money for some players. There simply isn’t any loyalty any more. Mj, dr. J and people of that era wanted to accomplish it with Their teams and no other team.

Now players are trying to plan for the next few years to come together and create another team. Kobe Bryant is now the face of the NBA and now the only one To remain true to himself. Paul pierce is another one but that’s it.

The NBA is starting to get like the MLB, it will slowly get more boring and the fan base will start to fade. If every year there is only 6 teams that you know will make it what is the point of watching?

As a fan I have to ask is this really were amazing happens??? If so it will be amazing when the NBA starts to fail…

This is just my opinion


Living A Dream

As a little boy growing up many dreams and admirations ran through my head, things like sports, art, music, and teaching. I was an athletic child, but my heart was with music and teaching. Then things changed, my family moved into the inner city of Cleveland, and my high of choice was none other than Glenville High School.  As a Cleveland Heights kid, I honestly had no clue where Glenville was, who they were, and if I would fit in. My older cousin was on the football team and within a week I was as well. My career as a football player for Glenville wasnt one I am too proud of but I had a ball. Which brings us to the point of this story. As a 23 year old young man I was given the opportunity to do what I love. I was offered the band director position at Glenville High School and at Ginn Academy. While at Ginn Academy I had the pleasure to meet some of the biggest names in High School football 2 years in a row. I met the likes of Cordale Jones, Shane Wynn Malik Moore, Latwan Anderson, Andre Sturdivant, Andre Walker, Valaughn Griggs, Christian Bryant, and Nicholas Davis. I have established wonderful big brother relationships with these individuals, and continue to wish them the best. They are living a dream as football players for Glenville High School. Today @12pm their dreams will become  even brighter as their second game of the season will be broadcast on ESPN. Tarblooder football, is about living a dream and giving back to those who live through them. My message to you all is to continue to live your dream, you never know whose lives are counting on the success that you have.