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The Greatest Laker

With the Lakers winning their 16th championship, Kobe winning his 5th ring, 2nd without Shaq, the question arises who is the greatest Laker. When the dynamic duo of Shaq and Kobe were together I thought without hesitation that it was Shaquile O’Neal, but after seeing Kobe’s dominance without the big fella you have to start leaning towards Kobe Bryant. I am a avent Kobe hater, but when than man has earns his props you must give it to him. Yet I still don’t think Kobe as won a title by himself, but the fact that his team is always in that position speaks so much louder than words. Is Kobe the greatest Laker? My answer would be yes, but for a number of reasons, the main reason at a tender age of 23 I don’t have much to compare Kobe too. Yes I’ve seen highlights of Kareem, Magic, West, and Wilt, but I never got the chance to watch them personally. Kobe has done everything right since his incident. He has reclaimed is spot with the Basketball gods of the game. 13 years in the league and 5 NBA titles, you can’t really argue with the production that Kobe brings every game.  I still believe there are players that will be better than Kobe when they hit their prime, and they mature to the level they should, but at this moment in time I must tip my hat in the direction of Kobe Bryant being the greatest player on the planet right now.  Kobe the greatest player on the planet, and Kobe the Greatest Laker in my eyes. The dynasty of Phil Jackson is remarkable, 11 titles has a coach that is amazing. Coach Jackson may not be there next year, will that have an effect on the greatness of Kobe Bryant to 3peat or will Kobe start the rumor that the coach didn’t make the player, the player made the coach?  Until next time Laker Lovers, Congrats on title 16. Enjoy it while it lasts!


Gone To Soon

With today, June 25th, 2010, being the anniversary of the death of Michael Jackson, and it also being a day that leaves only 6 days until free agency begins, the question of Gone to soon is being raised in the mind of every clevelander and every canadian possible. July 1st marks one of the biggest days in sports history. The Cavalier faithful and Toronto faithful are both in shambles right now.  Having the uncertainty of not knowing whether or not your star will remain is mind boggling. Clevelanders cant imagine life without Lebron even tho for 33 years there was no Lebron. And the Toronto Raptors have to wonder why does every star want to leave us? First Tracy McGrady, then Vince Carter & now Chris Bosh, is the air up there really that bad? It has to be, folks are fleeing the raptors, even sidekick Hedo Turkuglu is wanting out. No one knows what July 1st will be bring but we have to ask this… If LeBron leaves Cleveland and goes somewhere else with or without winning an NBA title will clevelanders still love him. Will he forever be king in their hearts? Or will he be another Art Model (the most hated man in cleveland)? Ric Bucher from ESPN said today that LeBron should stay and he thinks he will stay. As for Bosh he says that he will be in Chicago.  And for Bosh why would you sign an extension there, where else do you want to play, could cleveland be your new home? (As for Bosh he says that he will be in Chicago) All these questions lead up to just one simple question. If they leave will it be to soon?

I’ll end with this…at the end of Lebron’s rookie year, Carlos Boozer had a chance to reup with the cavs and make a wonderful 1-2 punch with him and LeBron. LeBron witnessed the hatred grow and the irony of not staying true to your word first hand. Does LeBron really want to have his legacy tarnished like Boozers’ has. Boozer’s image may get him run out of Utah and it all started when nodded yes and said no. Don’t do it Lebron Don’t Do it.

Side Note, our hearts and prayers go out to the Jackson family with this being a year later after the tragic death of an Icon in Michael Jackson. He will forver be loved.

Because of Michael Jordan

The icon that is Michael Jordan transformed the game forever. Some was for the good and some was for the bad. Im not here to talk about the good, we all know about the good but not many understand the bad Jordan has caused.  Yes Michael will forever be that dude when it comes to a basketball conversation but look at the negative impact he has had.  His shoes sell hotter than any other shoe ever made, he is considered a must see talent even know in his role as president. But with all that being said millions of kids will never play with jordan on a video game, and millions of kids will never own a pair of jordans.  These trends that have been set may comeback to haunt the soon to be billionaire. Now the league that he transcended is falling apart. Its more about the stardom, fame and global icon status. No longer is loyalty the priority or winning. Players will now go to a team and say hey as long as im getting paid. Or maybe because the market will know make me a bigger star even tho the team i may leave gives me a better chance for a title.

As a fan questions began to pop up in my head when espn started airing the LeBron tracker on its website, of when did all this ruckus start. Its simple as soon as Michael retired from the bulls after winning his 6th title.  Why isnt Jordan on every NBA video game possible, because they dont pay him enough. When did Jordan become bigger than the NBA? When did the NBA turn into a three ringed circus with the main attraction money? Honestly I dont know, but i do know one thing, if the NBA doesnt get back to its roots, the nba will soon perish. It wont be entertaining anymore. It will be like the yankees and everyone else. Quiet as its kept its starting to feel that way now I hate to say it but, this is all because of Michael Jordan.

Tell me what you think…

Side note: Just found out MJ will be on cover of NBA2k11

What did we do?

I am writing this strictly as a fan of  cleveland, not a fan of the game not a fan of sports but as a cleveland fan who is very disheartened by the media uproar on the possiblity of cleveland finally getting a winner. The king, lebron james comes to mind first and foremost, this off season has been an utter disaster for cleveland faithful. We dont honestly know whether or not he is staying or going, but it surely seems that everyone in the media wants him to leave. My question is  simple why? why does a star have to be in a major city like new york, chicago, boston, LA? why cant the grounds of cleveland be home of a champion. its been nearly fifty years if not fifty years since any cleveland team raised the crown over there head. I honestly dont get it. for once can the media say collectively lebron  just stay there.  with all of the greatest lebron is, with all the many different attributes of stars that lebron possess, i think he lacking  loyalty in his organization to stick it out. he wants to be like kobe and jordan, both stayed with their teams through the ups and downs. Hell paul pierce may be one of the greatest examples, his celtic teams have been downright terrible, but through it all he got a ring. im not being critical of lebron just stating what i think the facts are.

Next lets go to the cleveland browns. No matter who is in the front office the media thinks there is an underlining plan out there somewhere. Holmgren will fire the coach to do this, he will fire everyone to do that, just say maybe the clevealand browns got it right this year. and maybe things will change.

Last but not least you have the cleveland indians. the turmoil around this is team is so far fetched that its almost not worth defending. the team showed a sign of the late 90s in 2007 but couldnt get the three outs to put the boston red sox away and there went the tradition. the indians that are put out there day in and day out i think dont have the sense of urgency that the late 90s clubs did. they play like there is another game, where as the teams of the old played like it was game 7 every game. the heart the passion of the team, filled the stadium and was contagious to the fans. now we wonder what team is coming to help fill the stand. still the media can say maybe the tribe is on the right path. instead the media says its a two team race the indians shouldnt even show up, whats the point, that still havent gotten it right. why hire a manager who was fired half way through the season, what is the front office doing.

I will end with this,

dear media, we the fans of cleveland are hard enough on our teams without the scrutiny that you bring with the negative national attention. we would appreciate it if you would back us up one time and give us something to root about. we thank you in advance.

sincerly the cleveland faithful.

An Unexpected Shakeup

With free agency looming,  and the season coming to end with such an abrupt halt, everyone knew that the Cleveland Cavaliers were going to be making some changes. The firing of head Coach Mike Brown did really come with much surprise, and while Brown was a winning coach he didnt win when it counted. Today June 4th, 2010 the biggest shocked hit Cleveland like a ton of bricks. No, LeBron hasnt decided to move on or resign, but the man in charge of his negotiations called it quits today. Danny Ferry, the Cavaliers general manager didnt want to continue in the same directions that majority owner Dan Gilbert wanted him to. After 5 wonder years, the Cavs are back at square one. In some ways you can see some of Ferry’s points. Ferry did not want to fire Mike Brown because the realistic aspect of things were that Brown was still the best candidate out there. But the point has to go to Dan Gilbert because he is trying to keep his superstar in the same uniform.  Who will be the next coach in Cleveland? No one knows! Who will hold the services of Lebron James? No one knows! Who will bring the heartache of the city of Cleveland to an end? Again no one knows! The only known thing in Cleveland is that its going to be a very long and uncertain summer in Cleveland.  As a fan I am shocked, the Cavs won 127 in two years, but it feels like we are the worst team in the league. At the beginning of this season the Cavs had admiration of a title. Now Cavs fans are stuck holding their collective breaths, because this season has truly developed into an unexpected shakeup!