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The Boston Massacre

It continues to show that the best record in the league means nothing now. The Second best record in the league obviously doesn’t mean a thing either. The Boston Celtics are cruising at a high altitude now. The speculation of Lebron’s elbow, was all throughout the series, there is no excuse with this Orlando series. Orlando is just getting outplayed, badly point blank. What is going on, is Boston really that good? The answer is simple; its a three letter word. YES. There is no denying that the Celtic green is kryptonite for the old superman and the new superman. Rasheed Wallace man handled Dwight Howard yesterday, treating him like a rookie going against the veteran. The Magic haven’t had any real competition and are finding out that the lack of competition throughout the first 2 rounds does have an affect in the conference finals. Just ask Cleveland last year. The only way to make a run is for Dwight to take over the series no one can check him if he can actually get open. What will the magic act do, will the show up, or has Boston finally figured out that it is nothing but an illusion and continue their Boston Massacre? Game 2 is Tuesday tune in to find out.


The exit of the King

29 points, 19 rebounds & 10 assists, with this stat line in your mind you must say this was a great performance right? Wrong! yes this is a wonderful stat line for King James, but there is something missing the 9 turnovers that seemed to overshadow any miraculous work that was accomplished in Game 6. The Boston Celtics once again took out the Cleveland Cavaliers, but this time hurt even more. So much was riding on this series. The Cavs with the best record in the league once again, put out. Mike Brown, even though he has a winning record as coach, his job was on the line. Danny Ferry, a GM who has tried to give LeBron everything he needed, might be on the block. Questions arising asking if the trade deadline deal was the right one, should we have gotten Amare instead? And maybe most importantly will LeBron stay or go. Was this his last instance in a Cavs uniform or will he come back with a Vengeance? The King’s performance throughout the series was disappointing to say the least, but again we always have next year. Or do we? The overcast of free-agency is a dark cloud over the city of Cleveland, we have no clue what LeBron will do. This a troubling time, we are a lost community of followers, wondering what we will witness next. LeBron said last night during his press conference, that sometimes you have to go through a couple of nightmares until to reach your dream. Will next year be the end of the nightmares for the city of Cleveland? Or will the nightmares continue with the Exit of the King? Only time will tell!

Sense Of Urgency defines urgency as A pressing necessity.  To have a pressing necessity means that something is very important, it is valuable.  Friday the Cleveland Cavaliers showed up to the playoffs for game 3. Game 4 was a totally different scenario. The questions is being raised as a worrisome concern, which Cavalier team will show up? The answer is simple, we don’t know. The Cavs were beaten by a score of 97-87. There was no sense of urgency in any one body language. Everyone seemed to have the mindset hey we got game 3, and I’m happy with that. People who aren’t really fans even stated… LeBron doesn’t seem to be very interested in this game. His demeanor, his swag, his intensity, none of which were evident today. As a Cavs fan I am the ultimate optimist, but as a sports fan you have to worry is the curse really that powerful? Are we really the mistake by the lake? Will LeBron leave if a championship isn’t reached? No one knows these answers Cavalier nation. But I do know this, the Cavs that won 127 games in two years, the Cavs that dismantled the Chicago Bulls, and the Cavs that delivered the Boston Massacre needs to show up every single game. This is the playoffs, we cant afford to give them hope, life and or determination. We must be ruthless killers, with one common goal. To seek and destroy. This is our time, and we wont let it slip away. Cavs stand up and take control of this situation and never let it go. I have a huge sense of urgency, if you must get on my back, and take my power, take my passion, and take my faith. We are behind you, lead us to the promise land please. Unleash this sense of urgency because the time is now!

Medical clearance

Back spasms gone check, soreness in the thumb gone check, any inflmation in the elbow gone check. The pulse of the Boston Celtics on life support check. Monday the Cleveland Cavaliers were outplayed, outhussled, and outclassed, today the Celtics felt their pain.

Many people counted the cavs out after a game two loss to Boston, LeBron made a statement on friday, count me out if you want to. The king outscored Boston by himself in the first quarter 21-17. The Boston garden was silent, stunned, and amazed. Silent because the play of the celtics from game two to today was like night and day. Stunned because they didn’t know what hit them; a hay-maker there and a hay-maker here. Amazed because the king didn’t disappoint. He not only put the Cavs on his back but the Boston celtics climbed aboard to. The game was only close after the Cavs made their first basket making it 2-0 cavs. After that, the flood gates were smashed open. At one point the cavs led by 34 points. When Cleveland plays like this no one on the planet can come close to beating them.

As a Celtic fan you could say well KG isn’t at full strength, Perkins isn’t at full strenght, the Celtics aren’t at full strength. Hell during this time in the playoffs no one is at full strenght there is no excuse Boston! In my last blog I said that Boston fans should be worried, because the Cavs weren’t firing on all cylinders, well they are now.

Hopefully before game 4 the Boston Celtic medical staff reevaluates the team because it  didn’t seem like they had the right medical clearance this game. Game four is Sunday and The Boston Celtics are on life support. Will the Celtics regain form or will the cavs get closer to pulling the plug? All we hear right now in Boston is beep…..beep….beep….beep!

Are You a Little Worried?

On Monday, the Cleveland Cavaliers took a good old fashioned beating. There is no denying that in any shape or form. Speculation of  Elbow-Gate arose when King James, struggled in the first half. Understandable for Cleveland fans to be a little uneasy, LeBron may not be 100% and the refs are calling any and everything on the Cavs big men. But come on now Cleveland faithful; to be worried means you have no faith in your team. Just because the other top seeds are either 1-0 or 2-0 doesn’t give cause to worry. Kobe Bryant said it best yesterday in a post game interview. Kobe was asked ” Watching the other number 1 seed Cleveland, get beat at home, did that give you all an added incentive to come out and play hard.” Like a true champion Kobe simply replied, “hey we are a veteran team, we know what it takes to get there. We went through that last year.” With that being said even if you don’t like the Lakers they have earned the respect. Just like the Cavs have earned your respect two years in a row,  best by having the best record two straight years, and by winning 127 games in two years. Give the team your faith and hope. Lets all band together and continue to root for the home team. And dont have any doubt. The real question we should be asking is Celtic fans aren’t you a little worried that the cavs haven’t hit all cylinders yet. I’d be!

Dont you just hate…

Don’t you just hate these bandwagon riders. Or don’t you just hate these NBA title gold diggers. What I mean is this… If you are in a town that let’s say has a team n every sport, you were born there, raised there, and still live there, be a fan for that team. Not a fan for a totally different team. I don’t have a problem with being a maybe fan for that other team but show some loyalty here people. A true fan is a fan through and through, no matter what. Kind of like a soul mate. If the team is going good you are going good. If the team is going bad you seem to be going bad. I have a serious problem with those who talk junk about a team that another team is playing when your didn’t do doodly squat. It makes no sense to me! The loyalty of the fans is sometimes just a wishy washy as the loyalty of some professional athletes to their drafting team. Please for the sake of the game be a true fan and not a fair wheater fan. This is Kile Marquis and this is my don’t you just hate…

The Coronation Of The King(part 1)

Welcome Welcome Welcome,

My name is Kile Marquis, and I will be your master of ceremonies for this special event. The event that we are all here to partake in is the Coronation of the King. Our program has been going on for about an hour right now, and I do apologize if you have missed anything. If you would turn to your brochure and follow along we are on the part that says awarding the MVP. We have already been through the segments regular season, which we have dominated, and the other entitled round 1. The regular season was special, the introduction of J-Moon, Anthony Parker, the Big Acquisition, Shaquile O’Neal, The departure and return of Z, and maybe the most important piece of all Antwan Jamison.  The team came together after struggling the first two games of the season, and the first few games after the trade for Jamison. The pieces of the puzzle were on full display during the first round series against the Chicago Bulls, which took 5 games to close out. The speculation of how great the King has been with all these new parts brings us to where we are today.  The awarding of the MVP. As a cavalier fan, you say there is no way anyone else could come close to the season the LeBron has had. But as a sports writer and analyst you cannot be prejudice to the other stars of the NBA. Finally for the second straight year tho, the King will be crowned MVP.  This crowning is accepted with much pride and respect, but with all due respect this isnt the crowning that anyone in the Cavaliers organization wants. We thank you for your participation so far in the program. Next on the list is Round 2. Continue to be patient we still have a long way to go.