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Lack of Competition (part 1)

With the first round of the 2009-2010 NBA Playoffs almost over, I feel obligated to write about the disappointments that I continue to watch. Take the Orlando Magic – Charlotte Bobcats series for instance, there isnt any substance to series. Dwight, I continue to cry over every call Howard, fouling out maybe the most interesting thing going on. Unless you count the passion in majority owner, of the Charlotte Bobcats’,  Michael Jordan’s eye, but even his motivation isn’t helping the glee of this first round match-up.

Next we go to the Garden, where the Celtics seemed to have given game 4 away so that they could clinch the series at home. What difference does it really make when a bunch of old just about washed up verterans clinch at home or on the road?  No matter where the clinching may happen the next round is the end of the road, running into Cleveland. Dwayne Wade put on a show for the Miami faithful in really a goodbye performance. You really don’t think he is staying there do you? I truly think he has a better chance of signing with LeBron in Cleveland than resigning in Miami, even if Amare comes to south beach, there still isnt a team around them.

Next we have The  Grounded Hawks and the Milwaukee Bucks; Brandon, I dont know what to do with my hair, Jennings has finally come back around. He led the Bucks to their first playoff win in forever. Jerry Stackhouse seems to be somewhat rejuvenated and John, ship me to your team, Salmons continues to play lights out. But thats it, on the other hand you have Bibby, Joe, J-Smooth, Starvin Marvin, and Florida Gator Al Holford, and dont forget a bout second time is always better than the first Jamal Crawford. This team should be beating up on them, again why do teams continue to give the opposition hope. Cut their hearts out and move on.

Their isn’t enough of that glare of straight will and determination left in the NBA, especially not coming out of the east. Except for one guy who dawns the # 23 with pride and respect.  If LeBron has taken anything from the great Kobe Bryant (yea I said it) and the Legendary Michael Jordan, it is their will to win, and their will to let nothing stand in their way. This series LeBron James has become unstoppable, if he already wasn’t! Nothing else needs to be said about this series in any way shape or form, except bring on Boston, its your turn next.

Hoepfully the second round will be more exciting. The West seems to have the better matchups but none of them are really on upset alert, except for maybe the lack of respect that the Light Show continue to give the Oklahoma City Thunder. Please for viewers sake make the games more interesting, (except in cleveland, we enjoy this), we need to be glued to the tv not flipping channels to see what reality show maybe coming on VH1 next.

This is Kile Marquis and yes this years NBA playoffs have a lack of competition. If you feel different in anyway comment below and tell me what you think!


The House that Jordan Built

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Michael Jordan arguably the greatest basketball player to ever walk this earth, and maybe universe, built what we now know as the United Center. The theme music they play during crunch time was known as the Jordan Music. When that theme can on you knew it was Jordan time, and there was no stopping it. During crunch time on Thursday the United Center once again dawned the glorified theme music of Michael Jordan, even though he is now an owner of the Charlotte Bobcats. The Bulls had nearly run away with victory and the theme music was just a finishing touch.

Sunday the building of heartbreak for the Cavaliers became just another place to play. The return of the 2-3 had been reborn, but the rebirth of the 2-3 isn’t a favorable one for the United Center. The Cavaliers are taken full advantage of the greatest player on the planet right now in Lebron James. The game was close after one with the score being 24-21 Cleveland. Lebron James was on cruise control, except he had this sickly focused look in his eye. The Cavs began to pull away in the second quarter, finishing with a 20 foot jumper to end the half with a score of 62-52. The air had been taken out of the building, Bulls fan could feel their season slipping away. Lebron and Cavs sensed it as well. The Cavs continued to put the pressure on the Bulls, using lineups and matchups that both were easy to help on the defensive side of the ball, showing the vulnerability of the depth on the offensive side. The Bulls were just outmatched.

The King through a dagger into the hearts of the Bulls at the end of the 3rd quarter. With 6.2 seconds left Lebron was given an inbound pass, after free throws, he galloped to half court and nonchalantly pulled up for a 47 foot jumper. The building went silent, the ball seemed to just float in the air, reminiscent of his airness in space jam, time just seemed to stand still. The ball finally got to the rim and went in without any hesitation. Lebron and fellow Cavalier Anderson Varejo shared a stare at the Chicago faithful, with the look of apology and pride, saying you witness before, now witness this. Coach Brown didnt let up in the fourth calling on the King again with 9 minutes left to the game to send a message. The King began to tear the building apart hitting three after three. The King finished with his 5th career playoff triple double,  37 pts, 12rbs, and 11ast. the King had his court with him this game, Jamison added 24 and Williams & Parker added 26 together. There was no stopping the Cavs this time. Unfortunately the Cavs had to brick by brick tear this house down. Maybe the Bulls can rebuild it next year in free agency.

Game 5 is Tuesday, if the King has the look of the greats, there will be no stopping him whatsoever. Is the matchup of the Mamba and King still on? Only time will tell, but LeBron is doing everything in his powers to be there will Kobe do the same?

Mama There Goes That Man

The definition of D-Wade was defined today. With the series all but over and the media ready to pounce on #3, D-Wade had another thought on his mind. The madness that is playoff basketball was on full scale today in Miami. D-Wade looked like a man possessed. Wade took it upon himself to not let this be his last game in a Miami Heat uniform. Wade unleashed a 46 point barrage on the Celtics. The Miami Heat now down 3-1 in this best of seven series cannot let Wade be a one man show. He has to have some help for more than one reason. Reason 1 because they will not win another game if he continues to play 1 on 5. And Reason 2 and maybe the most important Wade is one of the most coveted free agents in this class. Wade would love to stay in Miami, but if the team isnt going in a winning direction why would he continue to give his all when they arent willing to bring in players who are willing to give theirs. These questions arise as the playoffs continue for not just Wade but Lebron, Bosh, Joe Johnson, Amare, and others in this very talented free agent class. The magic of the playoffs will continue to cast its spell until a champion is crowned in late June. Will the Heat be there or will the Celtics close the series out in game 5? Tune in to watch.

LAke Effect Thunder Storms

Maybe the marquee match-up of the first round of the 2009-2010 playoffs maybe the LA Lakers and the Oklahoma City Thunder. Kobe “its not my league anymore” Bryant and Kevin “you betta watch out” Durant will put on a show. Kevin Durant became the youngest player in NBA history to win the scoring title. But did he win the title by default? Kobe Bryant has been nursing injuries the past few weeks, and looks poised to make a long playoff run. The thunder may be one of the most overlooked teams in the NBA, while the Lakers may be one of the most overrated teams. With injuries the Lake Show seems like a just a light show, nothing more nothing less, but healthy the thunder may be in trouble. On the other hand, who can stop the Durantula? Kevin Durant has been all world this year proving that he belongs in this league. What separates these two teams, you may ask, its very simple, the poise and leadership of the Lakers is unmatched. As defending champs the the bar is set through them. No matter how much any team talks or what regular season standings may say, the Champs are the Lakers until they are dethrone. The Thunder come hungry, has a new franchise, no one has the playoff experience to match that of the Lakers. But experience isn’t always the factor, it does help but, Derrick Rose nearly shocked the world by taking the Celtics to a game 7. If any young star could knock the lake show off their pedestal in west, the Thunder can do it. The playoffs begin tomorrow… what will the forecast bring to the LA area? Will there be thunder storms for 4 games, or will the lake show have sunny skies?

Its only 1 Game

With the playoffs continuing to excite and entertain, the thoughts of
where is the cavs and bulls series at. The series is at 2-1 and some
of the Cleveland faithful seem worried. I’m here to say hey it’s only
1 game. Some questions do arise though, like where is jj hickson and
will mike brown get out coached again. At times mike brown may be to
slow to go with a different rotation, but hey when the king is on the
floor who cares who with him? The emergence of the bulls as a true
playoff contender is real there’s no mistaking that, but the bulls are
no match for the cavs. It seems every year the champ has to spot a
game or two, the lakers just did with oklahoma city. The cavs will
once again regain championship composure and obliterate the Chicago
bulls. The next test seems to be the Boston celtics; the cavalier
loyal have been waiting on this matchup for about two years now, it
would only be fitting if they beat them, then Orlando, to get to the
lakers. That’s what you want…isn’t it? Only time will tell but
here’s a message to the rest k the league including the Chicago bulls

Shootout at the OK Coral

The stage is set for battle.  The Los Angeles Lakers have found out that they are in a world of trouble. Many critics and beat writers thought that this series vs the Oklahoma City would be swept. Some have said this was the easiest series of the playoffs. Not so fast. It seems to be turning into an old fashion shootout at the OK Coral. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, as Wyatt Erp and Doc Holiday, are looking for huckleberry. It seems there huckleberry has been found in Curly Bill, or as we know him Kobe Bryant. The Thunder now have a certain swag about them. Knocking off the defending champs has given them a confidence that you just don’t give an 8th seed in the playoffs. The Lakers look lost at times, while the thunder look a well oiled machine. Now given  the Lakers don’t have to win a playoff game on the road until the finals, but being bounced  around like that  have cant be a good mindset for Kobe, Lamar, and especially not Phil. What to do, what to do, what do?  The Lakers are faced with questions, while the Thunder continue to give out answers. Game 5 will be a vital game for the series. The team who wins game five win a series is tied 2-2, go’s on to win 83% of the time.  Tune in to game five Tuesday, the game will be electric.


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Game 2 of the Chicago Bulls vs the Cleveland Cavaliers will begin tomorrow at 8pm on TNT. The Bulls, down 1 game to none, continue to try to get under the skin of the Cavs. Game 1 was intense, the Bulls shot out of the gates giving the Chicago fans something to root for. The game quickly changed,  the Cavs went on a 10-0 run to break the game open. The game reminded you of a Roy Jones, Bernard Hopkins fight, both came out intense and ready for battle, but after round one, you saw who the better man was. The Chicago faithful were disappointed twice in one day losing to both the Cavs and the Indians. The Indians finished a series sweep of the southsiders today with a final score of 7-3.The Cavs plan to do the same. The bulls must have watched the game from the hotel because Bulls center Joakim Noah seemed very disturbed by the city of  Cleveland. He  said that “the city of Cleveland sucks and that its really bad here, there’s nothing to do.” Clevelanders understand that our city isn’t what it used to be, or even what we want it to be, but its ours! If you don’t like it you can get out! Thats exactly what the Bulls will be doing after game 2. The series will shift to Chicago for games 3 and 4. “The return of the 2-3 to the house that Jordan built.” The atmosphere will be electric  for game 2 after those encouraging words from Noah. Noah already disliked by the fans in Cleveland for arguing with Lebron over the fact, that the Cavs were dancing in a game that Chicago lost.  If you are Noah, do you really want to add fuel to the fire known as LeBron James? I think not.The stage is set, the lights have never been brighter, the monsters will come out. The matador is on one side and the bull is on the other. Will the Cavs be driven by the words of disrespect from Noah, or will the Bulls lock the series up at 1? We will find out tomorrow at 8pm on TNT tune in. The rest of the world will be.